Here's what we've done so far.

#161 - A Look Back
#160 - No Fooling

Archispeak returns for Year 7 where we touch on the future of the show and preview the upcoming season.

#159 - Scenario Roleplay

Archispeak goes to class to learn how to be an effective leader and shares a typical scenario that architects encounter along with discussing the varied ways one can get a license.

#158 - 2018 Year in Review

2018 was a big year! Join Archispeak as we recap 2018 then look forward with goals for 2019 in a special end of the year episode.

#157 - Gifts for Architects 6

Archispeak is back for the 6th Annual Gifts for Architects episode. Join us as we share our favorite gifts for that special architect.

#156 - Career Crisis

Archispeak shares their recent experience of attending Autodesk University and then gets serious about identifying and coping with a mid-career crisis.

#155 - SHoP Class
#154 - You're Paying For It

We’ve all been there—compromise or stubbornly continue? Archispeak advises a student on how to proceed on a final project.

#153 - Looking for Work

Archispeak takes some listener questions and provides advice on how to look for work.

#152 - #architectfails

Join Archispeak for a bubba sized episode of unkempt neglect, where we poke fun and laugh at ourselves plus the industry as we share funny stories of #architectfails.

#151 - Documenting

Architecture is a process. In Episode 151 of Archispeak we discuss the importance of documenting our experiences and sharing, the good and the bad, as we navigate our stories in the profession.

#150 - Ask Archispeak

Archispeak dives into the mailbag and gives back to the community with responses to some listener comments on this very special "Citizen Architect" 150th episode.

#149 - Future Architect

"Hey Siri, what's the future of architecture?" We all could use an intelligent assistant and in Episode 149 Archispeak discusses the roadblocks on the way to a model centric workflow in the profession of architecture. 

#148 - Year Off
#147 - Another Day

Join Archispeak for a journey of what it is like to be an architect for a day. Listen in as we discuss all of the things we do in a typical day.

#146 - Break Time

Summer is once again upon us and in this episode of Archispeak we follow up on Evan's concrete countertop experience and throw some shade before heading out for our 2018 Summer Architectural Adventures.

#145 - #AIACON18 Secret Bonus Episode with Special Guests Bill Jannot of ARCAT and architect Joan Ferrin-Pann

The (secret) bonus episode from the AIA National Conference on architecture in NYC that Neal doens't know about, featuring special guests Bill Jannot of ARCAT and Joan Ferrin-Pann, architect at Lawrence Livermore Labs (and Neal's better half).

#144 - #A18CON

Archispeak travels to the AIA Conference on Architecture 2018 and delivers a special episode, from New York, recapping the experience.

#143 - Build It!

Drawing a line or creating a model is easy, but actually building something is far more difficult. Join Archispeak as we discuss the details of what it takes to build it.

#142 - Death Jury

Listen to a special Royal Wedding episode of Archispeak as we discuss the psychological effects of the jury process plus the consequences of ignoring BIM and VR in the practice of architecture. Also, did you hear Yanny or Laurel?