Here's what we've done so far.

#122 - Patience
#121 - Cool Tools for Podcasting

Learn about all the cool tools used we use in the production of the podcast in episode 121 as Archispeak takes you behind the scenes of the show and explains how the sausage is made.

#120 - Architectural Adventures Part Three

Archispeak completes their summer vacation as we wrap up our architectural adventures.

#119 - Architectural Adventures Part Two

Archispeak continues their summer vacation as we visit Fallingwater in part two of our architectural adventures.

#118 - Architectural Adventures Part One

Come with Archispeak as we explore our summer vacations and discuss how travel enhances your architectural career in part one of our architectural adventures.

#117 - Motivation
#116 - Copy and Paste

Episode 116 of Archispeak explores the concept of designing by Google and asks if architects are taking ideological shortcuts when it comes to design. 

#115 - Mentorship

Archispeak presents their "Guidebook to Mentorship" in episode 115 where we discuss the investment it takes plus the relationships and benefits it creates.

#114 - #AIACon17

Archispeak brings the #AIACon17 to you with this special recap episode with interviews from those that attended the conference in Orlando.

#113 - Description Goes Here
#112 - [EQxD] 2017

Archispeak welcomes back Rosa T. Sheng, Architect and Senior Associate with Bohlin Cywinski Jackson to discuss Equity. This time Annelise Pitts, a designer with Bohlin Cywinski Jackson joins the conversation to update us on Equity by Design in 2017.

#111 - Forethought
#110 - Sameness

Archispeak shakes their fists and yells at clouds in episode #110 as we discuss the destruction of the uniqueness of place and why architecture has become so homogenized.

#109 - Inspiration

Architecture can inspire us to rethink and reshape our environment. In episode 109, Archispeak discusses where you can find that inspiration and how technology is making it easier.

#108 - Universal Architecture Problem

Archispeak takes on the universal chicken-and-egg problem of standards, expectations and on-boarding in the practice of architecture.

#107 - The Millennial Question

Archispeak is joined by architect Lora Teagarden of RATIO Architects and author/creator of AREsketches to discuss "The Millennial Question."

#106 - A Day in the Life

Archispeak explores options for applying for architecture school and whether the profession is right for you. We also share our current projects and discuss continuing education.

#105 - 2016 Year in Review

Join us for a review of 2016 in episode 105, as Archispeak closes out the year with a look back at a few of the shows accomplishments and reflects on a number of changes, in what will be remembered as quite a year.

#104 - Gifts for Architects 4

The fourth annual Archispeak "Favorite Things" episode where we suggest items for that favorite architect in your life, which maybe you! Tune in for our holiday suggestions and treat yourself to an Archispeak t-shirt & mug at our store. Happy Holidays from Archispeak!

#103 - #iamarchispeak

What happens in Washington DC, does not always stay in DC. In episode 103 of Archispeak, we are joined by several guests to discuss the post-election response by the AIA, subsequent reaction to that response and eventual apology. Where does the AIA and the architectural profession go from here? Listen in to find out.