Here's what we've done so far.

#148 - Year Off
#147 - Another Day

Join Archispeak for a journey of what it is like to be an architect for a day. Listen in as we discuss all of the things we do in a typical day.

#146 - Break Time

Summer is once again upon us and in this episode of Archispeak we follow up on Evan's concrete countertop experience and throw some shade before heading out for our 2018 Summer Architectural Adventures.

#145 - #AIACON18 Secret Bonus Episode with Special Guests Bill Jannot of ARCAT and architect Joan Ferrin-Pann

The (secret) bonus episode from the AIA National Conference on architecture in NYC that Neal doens't know about, featuring special guests Bill Jannot of ARCAT and Joan Ferrin-Pann, architect at Lawrence Livermore Labs (and Neal's better half).

#144 - #A18CON

Archispeak travels to the AIA Conference on Architecture 2018 and delivers a special episode, from New York, recapping the experience.

#143 - Build It!

Drawing a line or creating a model is easy, but actually building something is far more difficult. Join Archispeak as we discuss the details of what it takes to build it.

#142 - Death Jury

Listen to a special Royal Wedding episode of Archispeak as we discuss the psychological effects of the jury process plus the consequences of ignoring BIM and VR in the practice of architecture. Also, did you hear Yanny or Laurel?

#141 - Festivus

Join Cormac and Neal as they mourn the loss of Evan due to the mass purge initiated by Thanos in his quest to bring balance to the universe with some airing of grievances! 

#140 - Evan's Wild Ride

Archispeak episode 140 goes on a road trip to look at some buildings and experience architecture. Listen in as we go on a wild ride through the American southwest. 

#139 - Drinking Butter

Archispeak episode 139 goes down to the bolts with a discussion about visiting past projects and explores the relationship of furniture to architecture.

#138 - Artists

Archispeak episode 138 kicks off with a look back into our childhood and marches down the superhighway of life to try and understand why design is such a struggle.

#137 - Details

Join Archispeak for a candid discussion of architectural student follies, fun with Revit and we ask the question; is architecture just too damn complicated?

#136 - The F Word

Archispeak welcomes back Rosa Sheng, FAIA to discuss changing jobs, earning her well deserved 'F' and updates us on the continuing efforts by Equity by Design to understand the differential experiences of professionals in architecture.

#135 - Winter Blues

In Archispeak episode 135 we deal with issues we all have throughout the profession. Listen in as we navigate our way though the winter blues.

#134 - Instant Gratification

Season 6 of Archispeak starts with a recap of recent events in our offices, then crashes down on the subject of historic preservation and asks the question: should all buildings be saved?

#133 - ZNE

Prompted by a comment on the previous episode, Archispeak pulls the thread on the sweater that is Zero Net Energy to discuss the costs, who is doing it and why someone might not. Join us for a "green" discussion all about ZNE.

#132 - Bomb Cyclone

Archispeak battles the information overload of the new year with some strategic planning for 2018 and touches on innovations in the profession, plus zero net energy goals.

#131 - 2017 Year in Review

Archispeak closes out 2017 with a wrap-up episode so we can step away from the glowing box until next year. In this episode, we reiterate the importance of designing your future and list our favorite episodes of the year.

#130 - Office Party

Archispeak explores the typical architectural office end of the year rituals, including the "Office Party," crazy deadlines and workloads.

#129 - Gifts for Architects 5

Treat yourself! Archispeak returns with our annual "Gifts for Architects" guide to help you find that perfect gift for your favorite architect.