Here's what we've done so far.

#167 - Technology Series Finale and the USC BIM BOP

Archispeak wraps up the technology series with a discussion of the BIM BOP Conference.

#166 - Live from AIACon19, Part 2

This is part 2 of the "Arcast", a joint production with the EntreArchitect and Inside the Firm podcasts live from the 2019 AIA Conference on Architecture expo floor.

#165 - Live from AIACon19, Part 1

Archispeak sits down to record the first ever "Arcast", a joint production with the Entrearchitect and Inside the Firm podcasts live from the 2019 AIA Conference on Architecture expo floor.

#164 - Tools

Archispeak dives into reality capture and the numinous tools that are going to impact the future of how we practice architecture.

#163 - New Technology

Archispeak discusses new technology and how we can use it for our benefit along with the challenges it brings to the profession.

#162 - Design Future

Archispeak discusses the future of the design process.

#161 - A Look Back
#160 - No Fooling

Archispeak returns for Year 7 where we touch on the future of the show and preview the upcoming season.

#159 - Scenario Roleplay

Archispeak goes to class to learn how to be an effective leader and shares a typical scenario that architects encounter along with discussing the varied ways one can get a license.

#158 - 2018 Year in Review

2018 was a big year! Join Archispeak as we recap 2018 then look forward with goals for 2019 in a special end of the year episode.

#157 - Gifts for Architects 6

Archispeak is back for the 6th Annual Gifts for Architects episode. Join us as we share our favorite gifts for that special architect.

#156 - Career Crisis

Archispeak shares their recent experience of attending Autodesk University and then gets serious about identifying and coping with a mid-career crisis.

#155 - SHoP Class
#154 - You're Paying For It

We’ve all been there—compromise or stubbornly continue? Archispeak advises a student on how to proceed on a final project.

#153 - Looking for Work

Archispeak takes some listener questions and provides advice on how to look for work.

#152 - #architectfails

Join Archispeak for a bubba sized episode of unkempt neglect, where we poke fun and laugh at ourselves plus the industry as we share funny stories of #architectfails.

#151 - Documenting

Architecture is a process. In Episode 151 of Archispeak we discuss the importance of documenting our experiences and sharing, the good and the bad, as we navigate our stories in the profession.

#150 - Ask Archispeak

Archispeak dives into the mailbag and gives back to the community with responses to some listener comments on this very special "Citizen Architect" 150th episode.

#149 - Future Architect

"Hey Siri, what's the future of architecture?" We all could use an intelligent assistant and in Episode 149 Archispeak discusses the roadblocks on the way to a model centric workflow in the profession of architecture. 

#148 - Year Off