Here's what we've done so far.

#134 - Instant Gratification

Season 6 of Archispeak starts with a recap of recent events in our offices, then crashes down on the subject of historic preservation and asks the question: should all buildings be saved?

#133 - ZNE

Prompted by a comment on the previous episode, Archispeak pulls the thread on the sweater that is Zero Net Energy to discuss the costs, who is doing it and why someone might not. Join us for a "green" discussion all about ZNE.

#132 - Bomb Cyclone

Archispeak battles the information overload of the new year with some strategic planning for 2018 and touches on innovations in the profession, plus zero net energy goals.

#131 - 2017 Year in Review

Archispeak closes out 2017 with a wrap-up episode so we can step away from the glowing box until next year. In this episode, we reiterate the importance of designing your future and list our favorite episodes of the year.

#130 - Office Party

Archispeak explores the typical architectural office end of the year rituals, including the "Office Party," crazy deadlines and workloads.

#129 - Gifts for Architects 5

Treat yourself! Archispeak returns with our annual "Gifts for Architects" guide to help you find that perfect gift for your favorite architect. 

#128 - Know Thyself

In episode 128, Archispeak delves into the mind of an architect and discusses how learning more about oneself can assist you to build more effective teams in your office.

#127 - Selfie Moment

In episode 127, Archispeak looks back at attending the Monterey Design Conference and Façades+ in LA. Oh, and Evan hates dogs and Cormac likes the beach.

#126 - Life of the Parti

When analyzing an architectural project, can you tell what the big idea was? Join Archispeak in episode 126 as we help you to be a better architect by establishing a vision so you can be the life of the Parti. 

#125 - Unrecognizable Error

Archispeak catches a bug, but gets into the zone as we discuss the positive psychology flow and its relationship to working in the architectural profession.

#124 - MDC17

Archispeak speaks with Anne Fougeron FAIA, 2017 Chair of the Monterey Design Conference, about the conference and how it is a clamping experience for Architects that will remind you of why you became an architect in the first place.

#123 - Skillz

Archispeak dives into the topic of skills and how that influences who works on what and how firms use titles.

#122 - Patience

In episode 122, Archispeak goes into the weeds to discuss the process of design and the patience it requires.

#121 - Cool Tools for Podcasting

Learn about all the cool tools used we use in the production of the podcast in episode 121 as Archispeak takes you behind the scenes of the show and explains how the sausage is made.

#120 - Architectural Adventures Part Three

Archispeak completes their summer vacation as we wrap up our architectural adventures.

#119 - Architectural Adventures Part Two

Archispeak continues their summer vacation as we visit Fallingwater in part two of our architectural adventures.

#118 - Architectural Adventures Part One

Come with Archispeak as we explore our summer vacations and discuss how travel enhances your architectural career in part one of our architectural adventures.

#117 - Motivation

For Archispeak episode 117, we discuss how we stay motivated during the months and often years long process that is architecture. Along the way, we explore if external motivators really work or if what we really want is autometry, mastery and purpose from the practice.

#116 - Copy and Paste

Episode 116 of Archispeak explores the concept of designing by Google and asks if architects are taking ideological shortcuts when it comes to design. 

#115 - Mentorship

Archispeak presents their "Guidebook to Mentorship" in episode 115 where we discuss the investment it takes plus the relationships and benefits it creates.