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#3 - An Architect's Library

In this episode, we share what's on our architectural library shelves. Cormac dug through his basement and found a treasure-trove of these ancient relics we call books, Neal talks about the great content in Graphic Standards and his love of comic books, and Evan talks about how these resources are just some of the necessary tools everyone who calls themselves an architect should have. 

We get a little derailed (in a good way of course) to talk about Design vs. design (capital D vs. little d), the "hand off" of the project between different teams in an office, working with teams, and ownership of a project by the people who work on it versus the mindless assembly line-mentality of picking up redlines. 

And there's a bonus "secret track" after the episode's official end at 1:14:17.

Join the conversation and share what's in your architect's library on twitter by using the #architectslibrary hash tag and post a picture!

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Architectural Graphic Standards, 11th Edition
By The American Institute of Architects
A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction (Cess Center for Environmental)
By Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa, Murray Silverstein
Architectural Graphics
By Francis D. K. Ching
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