Archispeak is a casual conversation about all things architecture, and we invite you to listen in as we talk about everything in the profession, both the good and the bad. Think you already know what architecture is really about? Tune in to find out.

#58 - Three Architects Walk Into a Bar - Part One

In the first of a two part episode Archispeak begins the discussion with a question about how architects address staffing in an improving economy and expands to include various related topics. In part one we explore what are "normal" business hours, having a strategy for growth verses just reacting to a changing market, plus the challenge of finding staff that "speaks" the same CAD/BIM language. It's what happens when three architects walk into a bar and conversation ensues.

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Interruptions and distractions are something that all architects deal with in life, school and the profession. How do we deal with them? In Episode 57 Archispeak… oh, did we forget to mention we will be attending the AIA Convention in Atlanta in May? Wait, what was that again? Oh, yes, distractions caused by co-workers, notifications on our computers and phones make it difficult to stay productive. We provide tips and… oh, and we are also going to be doing daily episodes from the AIA Convention… so listen in as we share some neuroses of some of our coworkers and challenge our audience to do the same.

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#56 - The Same But Different

Whether you are a Google or an Apple user you are likely heavily invested in products or services from each company. They both have differing ways each goes about its business and products. In Episode #56 Archispeak discusses how these different approaches to their products and services influence the architecture for their new corporate campuses.

Also, listen for a special announcement concerning Archispeak and the 2015 AIA Convention. No spoilers! You will have to listen to find out.

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#55 - This Episode is Rejected

Architects face rejection all the time, from the very first critique all the way through their professional careers. How one deals with that rejection can make a huge difference in their personal and professional lives. In Episode 55, Archispeak explores the different rejections architects encounter, including turning the tables and rejecting potential clients, then provides insider tips on how best to turn those rejections into positives.

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#54 - Agent of Change

Sometimes, how we start our architectural careers can ultimately pigeonhole us. Are you tired of the same old routine day after day, week after week, or project after project? Do you feel like you or your employees are in a rut? If so, tune in and listen to Episode 54 of Archispeak as we talk about how to break free of monotony and ways leaders can help their people get unstuck.

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#53 - How Did We Get Here

And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack…
in another part of the world…
behind the wheel of a large automobile…
in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife…
And you may ask yourself… Well... How did I get here?

In episode 53, Archispeak takes a trip back and explores how we each got into this crazy profession we call architecture.

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#52 - Liability

Warning! Archispeak is not a lawyer, we just play one on this podcast. In episode 52, we partner with the prestigious law firm of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe to discuss the dark side of the profession: liability. Every architect or student hoping to become one needs to understand what their liability will be and we start by looking at a California Supreme Court ruling, which opens up architects to decisions made by an owner regardless of the recommendations of the architect.

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#51 - Architectural Fight Club

Welcome to Architectural Fight Club. The first rule of Architectural Fight Club is: you do not talk about Architectural Fight Club. The second rule of Architectural Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Architectural Fight Club! 

For Episode 51, Archispeak breaks the first rule of Architectural Fight Club and discusses architecture's so-called "crisis of confidence." As more and more mainstream figures in the field are admitting that the profession has lost its way, we ask the question: what, if anything, can architects do?

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#50 - 2014 Year in Review

For Episode 50, Archispeak takes a look back on 2014 and examines some of our most commented upon shows. Along the way we discuss office holiday policies and ask our listeners to let us know what their favorite episodes of 2014 was. We also look forward to 2015 with some enthusiasm for what the year may bring.

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#49 - Gifts for Architects 2014

Buying a gift for someone is tough. When that person is an architect, it is almost impossible. Just in time for the holidays your friends at Archispeak are here to help with some of our favorite things. Remember, whatever you get, make sure it's in the preferred architectural color - black.

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#48 - Brain Drain

There is a crisis coming to the profession of architecture. Over the next 15 years the number of architects aged 55-64 will increase by 47%, while the number of those aged 33-54 will decrease by 6%. In Episode 48 of Archispeak, we discuss if this will become either a great opportunity for those willing to stay in the profession and help remake it, or will it be a catastrophic loss of valuable knowledge?

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#47 - Equity by Design

Archispeak is proud to have Rosa Sheng, Architect, Senior Associate with Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and AIA SF Board of Directors join us as we touch the "third rail" of the architectural profession and discuss equity in architecture. Rosa shares with us the results from The Missing 32% Project's, Equity by Design 2014 Symposium, her thoughts on women in architecture and where we go from here.

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#46 - 98 Percent

According to Frank Gehry: "In this world we are living in, 98 percent of everything that is built and designed today is pure shit." So, where does that leave us, the rest of the worlds architects? In Episode 46 of Archispeak, we discuss Mr. Gehry's comments and whether you agree or disagree, it's good to have these conversations.

We are the 98 Percent!

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#45 - Critique and Criticism

It's time to critique the work, but don't take it personally. It's not about you. Episode 45 of Archispeak dives into the delicate process of the do's and don't when it comes to critiquing a project. We discuss the importance of arguing (spoiler: it's good for the project) and that the goal should be for a better project. People often have "good" ideas, and it takes others to make them "great" ideas.

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#44 - Preservation Pants

For Episode #44, Archispeak does some followup on several listener calls and comments from prior episodes. We then spend the remainder of the show on another listener suggested topic (see, we do listen so keep calling in) and put on our "Preservation Pants" and tackle the Louis Cherry designed Oakwood Modern Home controversy.

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#43 - Value Engineering

Value engineering is a part of the architectural process. Sometimes for the good, but more often to the detriment of our projects. In Episode 43, Archispeak discusses what happens to a "value engineered" project and what we can do to make it less painful. Along the way we ask if value engineering or cost estimating should be taught in architecture school? Join us as we explore a more efficient or cheaper solution to achieve the intent at a more cost effective solution. #archispeak 

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#42 - Architects’ Websites

Architects and their websites. For episode 42, Archispeak crawls all over the web and examines the questions of whether or not you should have one, who your audience should be, what it should include and what it shouldn't. Join us for a lively discussion and be sure to share your opinions in the comments.

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#41 - Collaboration & Consultants

A listen recently asked to hear our thoughts on working with engineers and other consultants. So, for Episode 41, Archispeak accepts the challenge and dispenses some wisdom on what it is like to try and herd cats in the world of Architecture.

Be sure to check our Facebook page to see Evan, Neal and Cormac taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and read the show notes for the winner of Episode 40’s Contest.

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#40 - Hobbies

What do architects do outside of architecture? In episode 40, Archispeak looks outside the office window and discusses our hobbies. Stick with the episode, through the comic geekery, for some solid advice on the advantages of taking a break from architecture.

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#39 - Srsly Millennials?

In this episode Archispeak gets fired up and takes on the latest architectural meme, Millennials. We question the self proclaimed “millennial architect” and discuss how we can help them be the agent of change they so desperately want to be. Well, really we just riff on one millennial that does everything he can to make sure he will never work in the architectural profession.

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